We integrally cover all project stages: from feasibility studies up to manufacturing. Correspondingly, it is also possible to start at different progress levels. We help you individually regardless of the starting point: we conduct feasibility studies for you, construct and simulate possible project solutions, consider different manufacturing alternatives, and produce prototypes or small scale series for you. In case you cannot find a product that meets your requirements in our standard portfolio we are going to develop a customised sollution for you and with you.

In direct cooperation with you as our customer we create a project-specific list of requirements. In order to realise your individual project we leave nothing to chance. We conduct feasibility studies and offer simulation-supported measures for component design. That is where we can rely on years of experience in simulation and due to our internal manufacturing as well as numerous projects in a variety of branches. Of course, we also consider the economic aspect by means of a cost calculation within these steps. We ensure your satisfaction by continuous communication and only walk over to the next stept after mutual consensus.

Numerical analysis decisively contributes to component quality constantly considering the list of requirements. In order to meet your product requirements we apply a mixture of tools for our CAD designs. By means of CEM we are able to simulate magnet flux and optimise our motors and to make profound statements on magnet safety or failure. With usage of FEA tools we can conduct stress and deformation analyses to reach out for light-weight and reliable components. This applies for both isotropic (plastics, aluminium etc.) as well as anisotropic materials (composites). CFD Tools enable us to achieve highest aerodynamic efficiency for fans, compressors, propellers and airframes.

For validation purposes we can build first protoypes of your product at Schübeler Technologies. Rapid Prototyping can be applied with 3D printing measures. Our internal manufacturing comprises all relevant procedures for light-weight structures and high-performance motors. A rather small company size and project variety allow for high flexibility so that we can easily produce at lot size 1 or do small scale series. This is complemented with our internal toolmaking. For validation of numerical analyses we build product-specific test stations. Our product variety allows us to always act in accordance with the specific needs of each customer.

Our manufacturing range involves a variety of CFRP lamination approaches.

Lathing and milling enables us to have our own delay-free toolmaking.

Precision is also provided with our internal dynamic balancing bench.

Altogether our manufacturing offers ideal prerequisites for customised projects.

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